Though Thick and Thin Necklace

Though Thick and Thin Necklace

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Everyone needs their person- you know, the one who has been there through it all.  the one who has been there through the laughs, cries, and everything in between.  The one that takes the bad days and turns them into better nights.  The one that helps put back the pieces.  The one that always reminds us of who we are and the love we deserve.  The one who is down for any adventure, no matter how ridiculous it mat seem.  you see, some people come into our lives to make it better- to make the music louder, the days brighter, and the happiness longer.  Thank You for not judging me when I did something really stupid, for laughing until the sun comes up and for always being there.  You will always be my ride or die, through thick and thin, friend for life. 

Info & Fit:

Designed by Bryan Anothonys

Base Material: Brass

Length: 16-20" Adjustable, built- in extender

Bar dimensions: 18 x 5 mm (thick bar), 18 x 3 mm (thin bar)

14K Gold (nickel-free)

Two necklaces are included in this set.